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Secure Ways To Go About Online Banking

BANKING has become easy and at the same time complex and risky with the advent of internet, and cases of fraud and cheating using unethical methods are in the rise. It is imperative to conduct your ONLINE BANKING transactions with complete secrecy and without revealing any account or transaction details to unknown people and in due become a victim of online fraud. While banking online ensure to use a password which has a combination of words, numbers and special characters and never use password which are easy to decipher like your date of birth , your mobile or car number  and make a practise to change your ATM pins and net banking passwords frequently. It is imperative that you must never click the link shown in an email to login for your online transactions and bank accounts, instead copy [...] 

Posted in Investment Banking on February 18, 2014
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Changing Face of Banking in the Modern World

Banking has become more impersonal and lost its charm from the earlier days when you could just walk in to a friendly Bank manager’s office and seek advice and information for all your banking needs, as today you are connected to a voice in a call centre for a long, boring mechanical conversation for all your banking queries. The banking system has lost its sheen and is devoid of ethical and moral codes with all the banks in a race to cleverly and skilfully trick you in to their investment schemes, even resorting to misselling and the facts and figures clearly indicate and authenticate the fact – The Reserve Bank of India has fined 25 leading banks a total of Rs. 60  Crores for breaking and violating strict banking laws. Today the words, “As safe as a bank” are no longer true. A customer [...] 

Posted in Investment Banking on November 23, 2013
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The Inside Out of Electronic Banking

All banking transactions by the customer which are conducted by him with-out visiting his bank and with the use of ATM, POS, EDC, Net Banking ,Mobile Phone ,Fax,  Internet all can be classified as electronic banking. The facility of the electronic banking is provided to the customer as a convenience, and the customer may avail of the services at the customer’s own risk and the bank is not liable or responsible for any of the transactions effected on electronic banking and in case of a dispute or a litigation, the bank will strictly follow the records maintained by them. It is imperative to note that the customer is completely responsible for the accuracy of the information provided to the bank for all the electronic banking transactions and the bank will not be liable for any losses if the [...] 

Posted in Investment Banking on June 20, 2013
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Investment banking: Broaden your limits

The present financial scenario all over the word makes Investment banking a fearful and risky venture fir business houses. However, risk cannot be a reason to step back when an investor wishes to secure a fair place in a company. It is not a new concept for an investor that greater the risk, greater is the possibility of potential returns. Needless to say that risk management needs to be factored into to process to lead the race. Operating a business into an uncertain financial climate requires a lot faith on your instincts and also on your financial advisers. Receiving finance from a distant source may involve countless regrets and you go about searching funds by yourself. But when you have investment banking available easily, why to waste time to sprint towards your dream? An investment bank [...] 

Posted in Investment Banking, Investment Literacy on March 3, 2011
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Asian markets might be your salvation

You might have noticed that in the last 18 to 24 months your portfolio has been pounded into a pulp. If that is the case, it might well be time to consider any opportunities you might get a little further away from home. In particular, I refer to the Asian markets as a very interesting option as of now. Most American investors are so used to the Dow Jones, the S&P and the NASDAQ that they barely look beyond our own shores. But what of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange or the Mumbai Stock Exchange? These are all burgeoning stock markets and the home of some of the most vibrant economies in the world at this moment in time. Take China, for instance. It is one of the few large-scale economies in the world that is still galloping along merrily even in the face of a global [...] 

Posted in Invest in Currency, Investment Banking, Investment Literacy, Stock Market on November 15, 2010
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Foreign investors are crawling out of the woodwork

One quick look at the United States and Europe will quickly point out to the savvy investor that the seagulls are swooping in hard and fast. Foreign investors are buying big stakes in companies before anyone even realizes what is going on. There is a big ruckus that should be made about this since there is a need for absolute transparency in the markets, so why in god’s name is no one doing anything about these maneuvers which, though legal, are unabashedly aggressive by nature? Who has neutered the regulatory bull-dogs, and why isn’t there anyone knocking down their doors with great gusto and zeal in an effort to get to the heart of the matter? It was barely a week ago that a small fashion company going by the name of Louis Vuitton (surely you’ve heard of them?) announced [...] 

Posted in Discussion, Investment Banking, Investment Literacy on November 4, 2010
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