Reforms needed to revive the dying economy of India

  Indian economy is riddled with inflation, unemployment, corruption and a complete relook is imperative to revive the sinking fortunes, which is the third largest economy in Asia. Some of the new  economic reforms  need to be introduced to boost the sagging economy and many believe that the change in guard after the elections will bring in a much needed change as the present statistics reflect a dismal state of affairs which has plummeted from sub-10% to sub-5%. Some of the financial experts and prominent economists believe that to bring a turn- around in the Indian economy it is imperative to promote foreign investments, promote micro and small enterprises, to create employment through public and private sector partnerships. Some Economists believe that increasing the rate of interest [...] 

Posted in Economy on April 18, 2014

Common Terminologies Pertaining to Mutual Funds

  First of all do you know what mutual funds are?  A mutual fund is a type of group investment where money is collected from different investors to purchase securities.  There is actually no professional definition of the term mutual fund. It is most often application only to those forms of collective investment securities that are regulated and sold to the general public.  Most mutual funds are open, which indicates that the stock can be bought or sold anytime.  In the United States mutual funds have to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, overseen by a board of directors (or board of studies) and managed by a registered investment adviser.  Like all other registered investment companies, mutual funds are also subject to an extensive and detailed regulatory [...] 

Posted in Mutual Fund on April 7, 2014

Know about the types of Insurance Policies

Life insurance policy is an agreement between two parties, the insuring company (e.g., Life Insurance Corporation of India) and the insured (person who buys the policy) where the insuring company agrees to pay an assured amount to the insured upon the death of the person.  Also, any emergency remittances like medical terminal illness, accident requiring medical attention, and other similar crisis may also be covered under the agreement.  The tenure of the policy depends on the age of the person at the time of taking the policy. When you buy an insurance policy you become the insurance holder and you get a certificate and agreement that you need to pay a premium either yearly or quarterly as per the agreement terms and conditions. Life insurance is considered the best investment and long-term [...] 

Posted in Insurance on March 26, 2014

How to invest in Fixed Deposits?

Fixed deposit by the name itself means that it is a deposit with a financial institution like a bank for a fixed tenure.  It is popularly known as FD and is the best means of saving for a common man.  It is obvious that when you invest money with an institution you get interest and depending on the tenure of deposit the interest gets accumulated and you get the matured sum with total interest at the end of tenure.  The advantage of a fixed deposit is with FD the interest rate does not fluctuate.  Some banks even offer the tenure of deposit as low as seven days.  If the tenure opted is one year or more than that the interest options are simple or compound, quarterly or yearly.  The facilities offered vary if you already have an account with the bank.  Take for example, in Citibank if [...] 

Posted in How to Invest on March 19, 2014

Mutual Funds: A Lucrative Investment Option

Mutual funds are gaining popularity in the investment portfolios and have the potential to create wealth if planned in a systematic way. The money Mangers use the funds invested by the shareholder in diversified segments and ensure that decent capital gains and income is achieved. Investments in mutual funds need not be in lump sum but in small amounts and the Money Managers must ensure that you need not park the funds for a long period in the market and your investment averages out the highs and lows of the market. Hence you have the chance to buy more units in the falling market and big on benefits. The longer you stay invested in this kind of investment, you stand a good chance of gaining huge profits, as investing in equities is always beneficial in the long term. Investments in Equity [...] 

Posted in Mutual Fund on March 5, 2014

Secure Ways To Go About Online Banking

BANKING has become easy and at the same time complex and risky with the advent of internet, and cases of fraud and cheating using unethical methods are in the rise. It is imperative to conduct your ONLINE BANKING transactions with complete secrecy and without revealing any account or transaction details to unknown people and in due become a victim of online fraud. While banking online ensure to use a password which has a combination of words, numbers and special characters and never use password which are easy to decipher like your date of birth , your mobile or car number  and make a practise to change your ATM pins and net banking passwords frequently. It is imperative that you must never click the link shown in an email to login for your online transactions and bank accounts, instead copy [...] 

Posted in Investment Banking on February 18, 2014

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